Fake Military Omega Seamaster 30

The replica Omega watches uk De Ville Prestige Collection has gathered a large number of loyal followers with elegant and elegant designs.

These watches have a pure shape and a luxurious appearance, bringing an eternal design. The model is equipped with an impressive two-zone watch, the Omega Seamaster 30 series military dial has been specially ordered by the Pakistan Air Force in the 1960s, and the time is marked with a 3/6/9/12 black dial. come behind.
Omega disc flying precious collection, has attracted a large number of elegant design and elegant faithful followers.

These  Fake Military Omega Seamaster 30 have a pure shape and a luxurious appearance, and bring an eternal design. This watch uses an impressive 2-zone silver dial with 3, 6, 9, 12 Roman numerals.

The impressive dial has a date window at 3 o’clock and is equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. The bezel is connected to a 36.8 mm stainless steel case and shown in a stainless steel bracelet. The heart of this watch is 2,500 coaxial apertures.
The Tak City reputation collection is a collection of loyal supporters of classic and elegant designs. These watches have a pure shape and a luxurious appearance, and bring an eternal design. Original fake Omega watches box, manual, swing label, picture card, warranty card included.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) was established in 1947 and has since then had a large mobile fleet. Today is a great plane to the eighth any time in the world. We have been involved in supporting many wars and missions since we started.

Looking at the affirmative military actions in these 1960s, it is very likely that they have participated in the most fierce air battle of the 1945 war. Numerous aircraft in the war between India and Pakistan were destroyed in the atmosphere and on the ground.

The watch itself, the wonderful beautiful vintage patina with the dial and the case, in good condition overall, you can see from the photos, the mechanical service facilities are complete and very pleasant time I am spending money. At 37mm, including the crown, which is also, everything is just a very thin border has been dialed, it is slightly larger than the recommended size, wear really good. Watch uses the new NATO harness and Omega archive support document creation.
This is a good example of replica Omega Ref. The 720 is a handsome silver dial, all inlaid with Arabic numerals and faceted triangular figures. The dial has a good original state and rich gloss. In the following figure, from 1952, this model refers to the fake Omega watches Catalog extract. 720. Omega reference. 720, the sophisticated chamfer bezel, gently down the ear, with fast back and forth has been polished in the flat, is a typical model of the old-fashioned watch attractive. This model has been produced in a variety of dial designs, and the stainless steel case is made up of English-based Denison cases in which the company has made Omega. The model designed by Dennison Corporation is 13322, which is shown on the upper back of the housing. The sport was injured in the hand, is Omega caliber 266 constitutes part of the most prestigious antique watch, “30” and famously successful, this is one of the sports series.

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