replica IWC Doppelchrono Reference 3711 watches

One of my favorite things about my watch from buy IWC is to think that it is mischievous. How does the IWC continue to provide reliable complications by looking at a small part of the price of sophisticated luxury watch brands? IWC has skilled watchmakers and engineers to handle complex problems over the years in new ways. IWC was a lover of love with values ​​long before the marketing power related to movies and sports was demonstrated. It creates an eternal calendar, chronograph second hand, and even huge complications – it builds all these complex problems on the humble Valjoux 7750 backbone.
At that time, the replica IWC Doppelchrono watches was led by legendary Günter Blümlein and attracted a group of watchmakers who were looking at fans legitimately. Renault, Happy, Klaus, obviously just scan the name of the fake IWC  patent called Hublin. For me, from the outside, the economy of the traditional watchmaking process and the spirit of simplified progress seem to be integrated into the company. To this end, I thank Blümlein and thank Kurt Klaus who developed the IWC calendar. I also thank IWC Richard Habring, who runs a watchmaker in Austria’s headquarters and wife Maria. Today, I would like to look at the IWC Doppel chronograph which is the most important watchmaking of Richard Hubbling.

The second hand chronograph is the turning point of the chronograph, but it is a complicated mechanism itself. However, a normal chronograph can record a single event, but with the chronograph second chronograph, you can record multiple events at once. In the era of iPhone and digital chronograph watches, this was a very easy and easy task. But before technological progress of this electronic product occurred, it was not so.
In 1831, Joseph-Thaddeus Winnerl first introduced a mechanism introduced in 1838. In 1838, the organization developed a 1 second mechanism with a heart-shaped cam. By 1923, Patek Philip has created a product that can be embedded in a watch. To date, Patek Philippe still points to the world’s smallest seizure chronograph. 5959.

The chrono second chronograph function is based on a traditional chronograph, usually a chronograph with a cylindrical wheel. Looking at the dial, the second hand of the chronograph stops separately from the second hand of the chronograph, and the second hand can “catch up” with the master stopwatch with a special pusher. All of this can be done with a sophisticated mechanism consisting of additional wheels just above the center chronograph wheel. This extra wheel – minute – second – is located between the two pliers. Subsecond wheel and rough surface inside the pliers can achieve rapid and reliable interaction between the surfaces by friction. (Please imagine that tweezers pull one dollar quarter on both sides of the ribs)
The two wheels are connected to each other and advance as the timer starts up. When the timer stops, the timer stops together and resetting the timer will reset both wheels together. When the second hand pusher operates, both wheels move independently, the pliers set capture the minute / second car, and stop when the main timer continues to rotate. The mechanism consisting of heart-shaped cam and roller can be used as “memory” of “second hand” wheel, and the center chronograph wheel can catch up with immediate by pressing the button.

As with many of the other complex features of buy IWC, the genius of IWC Doppel is in the use of ready-made items. Pedestrian-based movement may be the basis of the most difficult mechanism of watchmaking. The Valjoux 7750 is designed for easy handling from the beginning and can be assembled with nearly replaceable parts. Hublink’s invention adopted this philosophy and expanded it to traceability. IWC’s minute hand and second hand were the first people to use the cam system for chronograph and ratchet. And since the design of the hub ring uses the ballistic resistance of this movement, it is also one of the second hands with durability and impact resistance. We will do this even a bit, but after the first production for more than 25 years, the IWC’s 79230 Caliber has proven to be very elastic.

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