In a reliable place, when I see evidence of a great brand listening to customers, I value every strange and rare occasion. According to many followers loyal to the brand, some of fake OMEGA SPEEDMASTER watches best-selling products, including the impressive series of the hidden face of the moon, for their own interests, too broad and too thick, forcing many people to their wallet in your pocket, I really want to buy watches in the store. Now, with the dark side of this planet Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8, we saw another rare occasion, to listen and give us a new version of the tibia, respond to its screams – even if this means contrary to the previous ones. The rule or self-imposed violation violates the Creative sacred glass ceiling so far. Look, the thinnest and most bearable Omega DSotM does.
I said that Omega is opposed to some extreme rules about Apollo 8, and I think understanding them is more important than knowing the history of Apollo 8 from start to finish. First, as we shall see, the choice of movement plays an important role in making this Apollo 8 as specific as possible: it is worth noting discount Omega own movement choices for two reasons. First of all, we rarely see a big brand transforming its “smallest” movement into one of its highest ranked series, however, this is what happened here. Other DSotM luxury watch endless fine coaxial automatic chronograph technology is replaced with the new movement of rotation of the movement of rope 1861 Manual – will be detailed later. Secondly, we see that one of the main brands creatively adapts one of its main actions. However, Omega really went out of its own way, highlighting this 1869 caliber (here called).
In addition to movement problems, buy Omega also demonstrated its capabilities, finally! – Get original ideas with the original look of Moonwatch and do something, now that it is here, let me ask you “why not happen so soon?” I think we’ll agree that we think this is a very rare brand. Get this freedom through the main product. To improve things, Omega has not only adopted the whole process, it has not made the Speedmaster Apollo 8 a non-limited edition product. Yes, you see this truth: This is a super cool new place that is not a limited edition, but you can actually buy it in stores – because it’s successful, it’s hard to believe It will not.
In the pursuit here, reducing the thickness is obvious because it is incredible. This is very obvious and great. The previous version was rather hamburger, which consisted of its lame space age, black / gray / white ceramic atmosphere Speedmaster. The Speedmaster Apollo 8 serves as a very intelligent, creative and adorable middle ground between the shortcomings of the DSotM series and the romantic story of the Moon / NASA about regular lunar observers.

Do not misunderstand my point of view, a width of 44.25 mm, with the moon as the theme of the modern limited edition Best Quality Fake Omega Watches wide Apollo and 8 months earlier with the same ceramic theme width, but the final look and the dress are much smaller, they should Thanks to its significantly reduced thickness. This is due to the complexity of cheap Omega‘s coaxial movement to one side – all of which are equipped with an automatic charging device – and replaced with a customized version of the classic Moonwatch manual rope movement of 1861, 1869 and changed its name to the of “Moonified” Variants.

The lower the overall height, the higher the comfort of wearing, because the watch will not hang as often on the sleeves and other common items. It will weigh less and will rest on the back (rather than the narrower version of the previous version) Sapphire Box), so it is almost worn now and there is no swing at all. However, do not worry, the latter DSotM does not lose the existence of the previous version. Its black and yellow theme is vibrant because it is threatening and its footprint is still huge.
fake Omega can wrap the 1861 hand in a black case with less effort and creativity, and I’m glad that’s not the case. Instead, they settled it in such a way that other moonlighting related to the sport now seems almost naked. Most of the plates and bridges of the movement were replaced by dark gray structural elements and wore the moon pattern. With purple jewelery and black, silver wheels and cams can even save power in the short term or lack cylindrical wheels.

However, what really caught my eye is that the central dial has been partially opened to reveal some of the actions below. Omega entertained itself without creating confusion and did a remarkable job: all the sub-dials and the main signs are perfectly clear at all times – it has nothing to do with creative practice in most other watch industries. The large index of the application is even better, and the fingers are just the ideal choice to provide readability without obscuring too much eye candy Yellow yellow and white contrast means you can accurately read the time.
Other benefits include an ample banner on the hands and markers, including not only those but also the mark on the bezel, if I remember correctly, the Omega logo on the top. If you are fascinated by ceramics and / or super premiums, the DSotM family of products always covers you. This case is delicately designed with sharp lines and alternate matte finishes that will eventually stand out because they are not submerged by the mass of the object. A multilayer bezel with a sapphire crystal case is also a clever trick to increase camouflage volume and thickness, and all use the same action.

Although I have rented replica Omega for abandoning its limited version of the love and pride of its internal caliber, it was clear that the story of NASA was to continue. Although I think some people have enough, there is no doubt that for most Speedmaster customers, this method is still very good, which is great. This work is a commemorative version of Apollo 8, which was the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon and thus saw its “dark side” for the first time. I like “We’ll see you on the other side” because it can be applied to everyday life, it’s less than “What are you doing in 14 seconds?” This version (pay attention to yourself, very collectible) is less more tacky or weird. I also agree with Omega’s decision this time when they chose to deviate from the dialect of the story – I guess it’s cool, but I personally do not want to think about it every time I see it. Viewing. This is another good thing for the new Apollo 8.
On the wrist, the dark side of the Omega Speedmaster Planet Apollo 8 feels and looks like the best DSotM look so far. It’s big, but it’s more natural and comfortable – and if the watch feels like a wrist, it will also affect how it’s perceived. For some people, black and yellow may be a little exaggerated, but again, that does not mean you look safe. Personally, I think that at this stage, the overall balance of aesthetics, daring and long-term attraction is an absolute reality. For a fashionable watch designed for everyday use, it is indeed a constellation of well-designed design decisions (ahem!).

As of September 2018, the dark side of fake Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8, which sells for $ 9,750, is an expensive but very powerful competitor. This is a very good job done by a great brand, which has not only acquired basic knowledge, but has also acquired public “requirements” and creative elements rights. It’s still very fast, but in my opinion it’s refreshing – and it’s the darkest side so far.

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