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As early as 1990, he introduced the IWC watch, which is now considered to be a classic of the company’s quartz after the crisis: the dual clock chronograph pilot, equipped with a stopwatch chronograph movement Valjoux 7750, the British Industry Federation Richard Habring has made many changes and continues to create his own brand.) Double refining process Decorating function Watchmaking time – Thickness of 42 mm stainless steel × 17 mm, with inner magnetic shell and soft iron disc, strictly follow the readability, reflecting the concept of no folding, after the function CBI table has characterized the instrument over the years .
No longer later models – reference 3706 Fliegerchronograph, its diameter is more than 39 die – the same construction, is a clean appearance (design hand, has been restored to the original brand XI), this is a classic moment. Walter Oudez called a well-known brand trademark “Collection of non-pilot pilot watches”, possibly saying that the original documentary was the same as Airship – but the key to the initial success is that, whether you are a professional adopter, this seems to be the pilot’s clock, and Not an illustration of the pilot. Over the years, with many replica IWC watches uk classic models of the company’s history during this period, although the basic design has undergone many changes and changes in the basic topics, the original design is still a lot of Ur Replica IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph watches pilot chronograph.
For instrument enthusiasts, watching dual chronographs and Pilot Pilot timing/Fliegerchronograph is really important, and the Mark XII, because of their functional design clock operation high water level – not only the CBI, but also the 90s. (Hands Style Mark XI has recently reappeared in the “Thank you Mark XI” limited edition). Therefore, last week replica IWC watches announced an online re-editing of the original design – in the larger case and with Lume Lume – is no longer there.
This watch looks very promising (though the case with a diameter of 43 mm is a bit scary), metal, this is an impressive clock, and for those who remember the 1990 people’s original debut, very powerfully reminded that Many of the milestones in the watch come when the fanatic is very young (if you want to go online, this is the question of the timing of the debate on the basic Usenet newsgroup, Bell Magazine – for example, their reason – they are buried in the kiosk In the background, a magazine that shines on models, filaments and doll lovers.)
In many ways, it may be very similar to the original. Use the same or different steel requirements, almost the same steel plate, the same date as the original, and the same lulumalkering. The basic design is still so strong – Rettspåkall shows you time and time in a clear and fair manner and lacks ceremonies. It is perfectly suitable for this instrument.
The similarity between the two bells is very strong and the difference is even more pronounced. Of course, CBI can directly re-release the original Fliegerchronograph, and I doubt it will find a ready-made audience, but for Mark XI, this seems to be an early indication of past classics when CBI fans (how do I know though to welcome this kind of thing warmly Not to be concerned with him, so there is a larger case, with outdated tints and a round dial snail timing lume. Interestingly, the new chronograph wristwatch pilot (with it. Name and design) than the original double The timing is actually 15.3 mm thin, because the NATO strap style has its thickness, but also because the latter’s wear is quite good for production, strong sense of responsibility for the big nylon, reinforced leather with holes – this detail should be better than Ordinary NATO has a better life and uses new models in many aspects similar to the original experience.Different – the thickness of each is close enough to offset the difference in sig.. Lume may be old, but of course it is in the dark It worked very well, and as expected, Marie Currie lit the candle. I’m glad to review this design, so it is An unexpected tragedy, because this is a strong nostalgic movement (such as Don Draper, “Mad Men” as a central explanation of the name of the band is nostalgic Greek root, meaning more or less significance

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